AND formula or function in Excel


Excel AND Forumula

AND Function

The AND function is a premade function in Excel, which returns TRUE or FALSE based on two or more conditions.

It is typed =AND and takes two or more conditions.

Note: The AND function is often used together with the IF CONDITION

The conditions are referred to as [logical1], [logical2], and so on.

The conditions can check things like:

  • If a number is greater than another number >
  • If a number is smaller than another number <
  • If a number or text is equal to something =

Note: The different parts of the function are separated by a symbol, like comma , or semicolon ;

Example AND Function

Check if the type1 is “MATHS” and has Marks greater than 70:

The function returns “TRUE” or “FALSE”.

Example AND function, step by step:

  1. Select the cell E2
  2. Type =AND
  3. Double click the AND command
  4. Specify the first condition C2=”MATHS”
  5. Type ,
  6. Specify the second condition D2>70
  7. Hit enter

Note: You can add more conditions by repeating steps 5-6 before hitting enter.

Since the value in cell C2 is not “MATHS” the first condition is FALSE.

Since the value in cell D2 is less than 70 the second condition is also FALSE.

All conditions need to be TRUE for the AND function to return TRUE.

Note: Text values needs to be in quotes: ” ”

Now, each row has a check for MATHS Type and MARKS greater than 70:

Only TYPE1 have MATHS type and Marks greater than 70, so the function returns “TRUE”.

Now you can check in above result that E1 meet the condition so it’s showing True


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