What is Variant in SAP


What is Variant in SAP

Variant is the set of values you would like as your selection criteria. In any SAP report, the first screen is the selection screen.

In The variant principle there are 3 variants.

1.fiscal year variant

2.posting period variant

3.feild status variant. 

The variant principle is a combination of three steps as shown below:

  1. Create variant. (T code : OBBO)

  1. Maintain values in the variant. (T code : OBBP)

  1. Assignment to a company code. (T Code : OB52)

In the above steps variant part is completed. Hope this page will help you to understand about variant.

2. What is the use of Variant

A variant allows you to save your selection parameters on your input screen. This will minimize the need to enter selection parameters each time you run a SAP report. When a SAP report is processed, then the standard layout will display as per your variant.


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